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Established 17 years ago

Since 2005


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Which is the BEST Dating Agency in Hong Kong?
214 Dating - It’s your inevitable choice

214 Dating
3 major areas of services:
1. Professional one-on-one match-making
2. Organize high-quality dating activities Speed Dating and Singles Events
3. Value-added workshop

Our  Features

214 Dating 單對單會員推介
214 Dating 單對單會員推介
214 Dating 單對單會員推介
為什麼選擇 214 Dating 單對單配對, 成功率高

Computer matching and manual screening

Consultants focus on understanding individual needs and will only recommend the most suitable candidates
Follow up throughout the process and provide dating suggestions

All personal files have photos

We provides free personal photo shoots and do not retouch the photos heavily.

Reasonable fees and clear terms

Affordable fees, high quality service,
There is also a cash refund system

We do not provide a sky-high price matching plan that claims to include various additional services.

Pay as you go.

High Successful Rate

Over 85% candidates have further development with the matches.

Our Features

為什麼選擇 214 Dating 單對單配對, 高質素
214 Dating 8萬會員成立17年, 認真處理婚姻狀況, 收入, 學歷等核對程序
為什麼選擇 214 Dating 單對單配對, 自由度高

High quality members

We have certain requirements for members’ academic qualifications and backgrounds, in order to help each other find a more suitable and high-quality partner.

Strictly check personal background and height

Serious verification procedures about marital status, income, education, etc.

High Flexibility

Members can freely choose whether to accept the date or not.

Successful Rate


Successfully found a match for a date


satisfied with our services


Can develop with the partner

Members' Background


Bachelor degree or above


professionals or managers


Stable Career

Intention of joining


Have intention to form a family


Looking for a long-term relationship partner seriously


Average or above appearance/ good looking


214 Dating insist of 4 Don't s


❌Recommend random targets


❌Members’ marital status will not be concealed (such as divorced or having children, etc.)


❌launch ultra-long contract periods (such as contracts of unlimited duration or more than 1 year), which will slow down the time for members to find their love.


❌Hidden service charges

214 Dating 傳媒報導
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Public events and awards

214 Dating 公開活動
214 Dating傳媒報導
214 Dating傳媒報導
214 Dating傳媒報導

"Hong Kong's Most Popular Brand" in 2015

Won the "Hong Kong Most Valuable Enterprise Award 2015" in November 2014

Participated in various public activities

Regular membership-only events, free priority screenings, and distribution of theater ticketsetc.

214 Dating 傳媒報導

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